The FirstRock Foundation was formed on December 5, 2019 as the charitable arm of the FirstRock Group. With a keen focus on education and entrepreneurship, the FirstRock Foundation’s objectives include:

  • Stimulation and development of student interest in the field of education, primarily entrepreneurship
  • Outreach for students at the secondary and tertiary level who face social and financial challenges, thus inhibiting them from realizing their full potential
  • Support for children facing health challenges
  • Support for students at the secondary and tertiary level who contribute to new and innovative projects that will enhance the socio-economic conditions of youths
  • To aid in the development of centres of excellence in challenged communities
  • To provide for such social, cultural and athletic activities that will contribute to a healthful and productive environment

The FirstRock Foundation is committed to building Jamaica’s future through the development and education of its youth. This commitment has driven the organization to conceptualize the FirstRock Foundation Scholarship for undergraduate tertiary students. These programs provide financial support to the awarded students who must be studying areas of education geared towards entrepreneurship.

First Rock Scholarship

For more information about the FirstRock Foundation, please contact us at (876) 925-ROCK (7625) or follow us on our social media pages.