Our Approach

We are the Caribbean’s most shareholder-centric investment holding Company. What that means is we act purely on behalf of our shareholders, even in the creation of this entity. We wanted to develop a structure that was specifically shareholder focused. Our shareholders are our key and primary stakeholders.

Our Core Values guide our operations here at FirstRock, and we are very strict when it comes to those values. We believe that each person who is employed to or has a stake in the company is entitled to and expected to exhibit respect. A non-negotiable for us is Performance and without fail we will always perform as there are huge expectations of us. The hallmark of our operations is integrity. It speaks to who we are as people, we are people of our word and we deliver on our commitments. We believe that in any sort of undertaking communication is the verb that kills assumptions, gets things done quickly and effectively as a team and with our key stakeholders and shareholders.