Douglas Halsall


First Rock Capital Holdings Limited


Mr. Douglas Halsall, O.D has spent the last 40 years leading the development of Information Technology in Jamaica, and has consequently been associated with many firsts such as implementing the first ATM in Jamaica, to computerizing many industries including Health Insurance, Credit Unions, Retail, Government Accounting and Hospitality & Tourism.

Halsall founded AIS in 1987 and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Throughout his executive career, Mr. Halsall has amassed a wealth of experience leading cutting-edge technology companies across multiple industries. Before starting AIS, Mr. Halsall served as Chairman and CEO of National Cash Register (NCR) for 10 years where he was responsible for moving NCR Jamaica to the position of Leading country across Latin America and the Caribbean in performance and sales. For his performance at NCR he was awarded the NCR Chairman’s award on thirteen consecutive occasions, and the Century Percent club award.

Mr. Halsall enjoys a solid reputation for his visionary leadership in technology and his unique style of management which has seen AIS being well positioned in a number of strategic areas including both the financial and health sectors. In 2005, the Government of Jamaica, supported by the Opposition, recognized his contribution to technology by conferring on him the prestigious Order of Distinction, one of Jamaica’s highest National honour.